Men's Puff Vest

Men's Puff Vest


With this Men's Puff Vest both back and front panels will be customized with your own unique design. 


 Please add your Customization information in the fields below. (i.e. Line Name, Company Name request any artwork you may have in mind.)


Prices vary.


    Since this piece is as custom and unique as you are we will require a consultation before work is started.

    Before the customization is placed on your vest you will receive a mock-up of your custom item so that you can see what is going on your piece.

    After all approvals or revisions are complete only then will we begin work on your item, please remember time from start to finish will vary depending on customization.


    Since this is a custom piece we unfortunetly do not do returns on this item, if damaged by no fault of your own and still new we can refund the price minus the deposit.

    Or we can replace it for the price of shipping.


    We do offer shipping for this item. Please let us know if you require shipping. Thank you.