Customized Paddles

Customized Paddles

Have you ever wanted a custom paddle?


If so, we have your back. Check out our customized paddles and see if you would like one for your very own. 


Prices vary by customization and designs. 


    Each paddle is just as unique as its owner.

    These paddles can be made for and customized for any organization. Be it a Fraternity or Sorority, Mason or OES, or more. 


    Since this is a custom piece, sadly, do not offer a return option on this item, however, if damaged by no fault of your own we can refund the price minus the deposit.

    Or we replace it for the cost of shipping. The choice as always is yours!


    We do offer to ship for this item.

    Please let us know if you require shipping by selecting the proper option at checkout. Or let us know during consultation. Thank you.