Our Origins

How We Got Here

Coming from a long line of exceptional seamstresses the passion to create has always been in our owners blood. As a child, she would watch her grandmother make clothes for her family and friends ensuring that every stitch, color, and placement was perfect.

She had a golden touch, hence our name:

Golden Touch Embroidery = GTE designs.

Since our opening in January 2017, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our product offerings and make our customers experience even better. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, and remain committed to creating unique designs for unique people.

That is why you will never see your customized design on anyone else's clothing unless you authorize it; everything is completely customized for each customer and given that golden touch.

Our collections are carefully crafted. Delivery options and payment methods both generous and flexible.

So, browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with GTE Designs, LLC for yourself.